Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is derived from the milk obtained from fresh coconut meat, and not from copra, by processes like fermentation, centrifugal separation and enzyme action. The main content of virgin coconut oil is 'Lauric Acid' which is found in mother’s milk only.

Its highest content of Lauric Acid builds up the natural immune power of human body thereby making it resistant to many of the bacteria, fungi and viral infections.

Here is a summary of what virgin coconut oil may do for your health
  • Improve your energy
  • Reduce your risk of developing heart disease
  • Reduce your risk of developing cancer
  • Improve your ability to digest foods and absorb nutrients
  • Promote weight loss and maintenance of your ideal weight
  • Help prevent bacterial, yeast, fungal, and viral infections
  • Support and enhance your immune system
  • Help regulate your blood sugar and prevent or control diabetes
  • Help prevent osteoporosis
  • Help prevent premature aging and wrinkling of your skin
  • Help keep your skin smooth and soft
  • Help protect you against skin cancer and blemishes

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