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Neem Pellets

Neem Pellets are prepared from the neem seed kernels. In this process, oil is squeezed out from the neem kernel under cold process and the remaining biomass is called Neem cake. For uniform and easy application without waste, neem cake is made in to pellets.

Neem Oil

Neem Oil is a botanical oil, extracted from seeds and kernels of Neem Tree (Azadirachta indica), a member of the Meliaceae family, a botanical cousin of mahogany, by crushing. Neem Oil or Neem Seed Oil is a brownish Yellow color Liquid, with smell of Garlic. Neem Oil is slightly soluble in water and has 6.5 to 7.5 Ph value, it boils at more than 200 degree Celsius and freeze at 13 degree Celsius.

Neem Oil Water soluble

Nature Neem oil WS ( WS mean : Water Soluble ) is the commonly used botanical pesticide in organic agriculture. Nature Neem oil WS is widely used in several countries around the world today either singly in Integrated Pest Management or in conjunction with synthetic pesticides.

Neem Cake

Since very early in India neem are being used as a natural fertilizers. It had become very popular due to its dual impact of soil enhancer as well as pest repellent. Neem cakes as well as neem leaves are used to fertilize the soil

Neem cake powder

With our expertise in the domain, we provide our customers with premium quality Neem Cake Powder. These are highly demanded in the market for their application in soil conditioning, natural fertilizer, saving nitrogen and manufacturing various food, cash crops, pesticides and insecticides.