Neem Oil Water soluble

Nature Neem oil WS ( WS mean : Water Soluble ) is the commonly used botanical pesticide in organic agriculture. Nature Neem oil WS is widely used in several countries around the world today either singly in Integrated Pest Management or in conjunction with synthetic pesticides.

When compare to other known botanical pesticides Nature Neem oil WS is superior due to its wider application and influence in nearly 200 species of insects. It is significant that some of these pests are resistant to pesticides, or are inherently difficult to control with conventional pesticides (floral thrips, diamond back moth and several leaf miners). Nature Neem oil WS belongs to the category of medium to broad spectrum pesticides. Nature Neem oil WS works by intervening at several life cycle stages of the insect. It does not kill the pests instantaneously but make it incapacitates in several other ways.

It is nontoxic to humans, birds, earthworms and animals. As a preventative, neem is mainly used when problems are just starting to show. What is does is to coat the leaf surface which in turn prevents the germination of the fungal spores. Neem is effective against rots, mildews, rusts, scab, leaf spot and blights. It works as a barrier not as a fungicide. It makes a great garden spray as a general tonic for plants and soil. Earthworm populations have been showed to increase with the use of neem as a tonic. Nature neem oil WS controls Broad Spectrum Fungicide/Insecticide/ Miticide for Indoor/Outdoor use on Ornamental Flowering Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Foliage, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Home and Residential Landscapes.

And also it controls Fungal Diseases Including Black Spot, Mildews, Rusts, and Scab. It equally controls Mites and Insects Including Whiteflies, Aphids, and scales.

Nature neem oil WS is emulsified by natural emulsifier of Soap nut extract. And prepared to our customers, since this is not comes under the pesticide grade, no need to register as pesticide. As per European Union (EU) specification, neem oil is accepted as Neem oil WS Leaf shinning, and natural plants nutrition. And the same way United States (US) Specification accepts in form of Neem oil (WS) itself. No such regulations in other countries.

Mechanisms of action of Nature Neem oil WS

  • Nature neem oil WS disrupt insect reproduction and sterilize insect reproductive organs
  • Reduce insect egg laying capacity
  • Reduce egg hatchability
  • Affects insect digestion, excretion and locomotion
  • Reduce insect fitness
  • Reduce insect population growth
  • Improve pesticidal effects of conventional and biologicals
  • Disrupt/delay/prohibit resistance

Frequently asked question about Neem oil water soluble formulation

Is Nature neem oil safer to beneficial insects?

Nature neem oil is highly safe to beneficial insects. Infact, Nature neem oil augment beneficial population in treated fields.

Does Nature neem hurts for Honey Bees and other beneficial insects?

Nature neem oil is highly safe to Honey Bees. In fact advised Nature neem oil Spray helps to cure “Nosemosis” and mite problems of Honey Bees.

Does Nature neem oil exhibit knockdown effect?

Does Nature neem oil exhibit knockdown effect?

Is it differs from conventional chemicals?

Generally conventional pesticides exhibit knockdown effect, but however control lasts only for a few days. But Nature neem oil exhibit slow and sustainable control of pests. Beneficial organisms significantly aid control of pests with Nature neem oil.

What are all the advices to Nature neem oil growers?

Do not panic when pests are found on plants within 1 or 2 days after spray. Nature neem oil works sustainably on pests and stops crop damage from the time of spray. The control of pests is equal in conventionals and Nature neem oil within days of sprays. We advise users to understand the mode of action of the product. Nature neem oil is the best choice for ultimate grower benefits.

Does Nature neem oil works with insecticides?

Nature neem oil formulations can be alternated or tank mixed most insecticides and fungicides. However, it is recommended to check tank mix compatibility.

Whether Nature neem oil shows synergism with Insecticides or Biologicals?

Nature neem oil can use in alternation or tank mix augment insects susceptibility to insecticides/biologicals. It makes insects physiologically weak and thus increase susceptibility to conventional and biologicals.

What pests Nature neem oil controls?

Nature neem oil is a broad spectrum product and control Caterpillars, Beetles, Aphids, White flies, Thrips, Mites, Leaf miners, Lice, Fleas, Grasshoppers etc.

Does Nature neem oil help to reduce insecticide use?

It has been proved that integration of Nature neem oil in pest management programs, reduces the number of insecticidal spray.

Is there a Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) for Nature neem oil formulations?

There is no PHI for Nature neem oil. The product can be applied until the time of harvest.

What is the ideal spray interval for best results for Nature neem oil Formulations?

Spray nature neem oil for 7 to 10 days depending on pest incidence. However, actual spray recommendation should be based on actual pest incidence.

What are important tips for good pest control of Nature neem oil?
  • Early sprays as soon as pests are observed.
  • spray at 7-10 days interval
  • Spray rotation with biological/conventionals in case of organic and conventional crops respectively
  • “PH” correction of spray fluid
  • Good pest scouting
  • Do not panic if we do not see dead insects in treated fields.
Does Nature neem oil formulations exhibit contact toxicity?

Soft bodied pests like Aphids, Mites, whiteflies show contact toxicity to Nature neem oil

Can you use Nature neem oil to exhibit systemic activity?

Nature neem oil exhibits systemic effect upon soil application. Systemic application provides good control of Leaf miners, Aphids, Whiteflies and Caterpillars.

What are the overall benefits of Nature neem oil?
    Support organic crop protectionProvide sustainable pest controlPrevent or prohibit pest resistanceReduce pesticidal applications

About 200 species are known to be controlled by Neem oil based pesticides.

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